nazi shitheads fuck off!


and here we go again

it seems like we will start writing some new tunes soon – and we have some new tourplans! in july we will play some dates with DANGERS and GOOD TIME BOYS. we also will tour the UK! our friend daniel is doin the booking, please conatct him for more info.  we will tour the UK from aug. 26th. to sept. 3th.. we will play some of the shows with our new friends CAVES, not only that they are fuckin great, benni found another petrolhead 😉 (

the dates:

Dangers//Glasses//Good Time Boys Tour
15.07. Stuttgart
16.07. Trier
17.07. Antwerp
18.07. Hannover
19.07. Eindhoven
20.07. Essen
21.07. Berlin
all dates TBA
23.07. Rokycany FLUFF FEST


26th. to sept. 3th (get in touch!)

back from tour – and here are the next dates….

nearly…we will be back on tour in july playin some dates with DANGERS from los angeles. we decided to call our last tour the „stopped by the police tour“ since the cops fucked us three times. we got grounded again, this time in austria but managed to get a new van as soon as possible. bands on tour – WATCH OUT, overweight causes trouble….bad news: we’ve done the maths and it is impossible to tour without overweight. the only thing you can do is trying to get a van with a long weel base. the weight ratio will be different and that helps a lot. anyways….touring was fuckin great..even we’ve played one of our worst shows ever in ibbenbühren. seeing you soon. we will play HEARTCORETAGE and dresden in two weeks. the dates for july will be posted asap! and uk-kids…watch out for august 😉

alright – we will play FLUFF FEST this year with a shitload of great bands!/event.php?eid=165663916800930


tour starts today

be there! note – we play in ibbenbühren already at 7!

18.03. (D) Ibbenbüren, JKZ Scheune REFLECTION RECS. (w/ Ritual, No Turning Back)
19.03. (D) Hannover, Chez Heinz (w/ Escapado & More)
20.03. (D) Bremen, G18 (w/ Julith Krishun, The Gentle Art of Choking)
21.03. (D) Berlin, ://about blank
22.03. (D) Leipzig, Zoro
23.03. (D) Regensburg, Zimmer 4 (w/ Face the Threat
24.03. (CZ) Prague, Final
25.03. (AU) Wien, EKH
26.03. (SLO) Koper, MKSMC
27.03. (AU) Graz, Sub
28.03. (D) München, Kafe Kult
29.03. (D) Tübingen, Epple-Haus (w/ Cave)
30.03. (F) Strasbourg, Molodoi
31.03. (F) Caen, El Camino
01.04. (B) Kontich, Lintfabriek
02.04. (L) Luxemburg, Rocas

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friends, as all of you know japan is hit by a major disaster – the quake, the tsunami and the unsure situation at the fukushima powerplant.
marc and benni have been to japan in august 2010 and met a lot of cool people there. we are all worried about whats goin in japan. a lot of people lost their homes and loved ones. we will do a little charity sale. ALL money from this sale is goin to the earthquake-victims in japan.

please note, that our friend matsu is doin a charity-sale of some TRAINWRECK-liverecording from tokyo in august 2010. go here:

for more info check also matsus site:

sendai kids <3!
僕はNO MEMORIESというレーベルをしています。

ibbenbüren – wir spielen gaaaaaaaaaaanz…

…früh. wer uns dort sehen will, der soll am besten 19 uhr am start sein!


PUNCH and LOMA PRIETA tourdates

our lovely mates from LOMA PRIETA and PUNCH will come to europe very soon. be there folks!

some dates are still available, if you can help please contact marc via winky_tours(at)


*PUNCH (us)
…from San Francisco, CA are back in Europe. Straight Hardcore in your face like it should be. Not unlike Look Back and Laugh, Ceremony, Pulling Teeth with members of Bullets In, End on End and Loma Prieta.

also from San Francisco with members from Punch named themselves after an earth quake and deliver you chaotic hardcore with an ultra brutal wall of sound and tons of melodies. On theirs last european tours, they just killed it!

** = with LOMA PRIETA

24.06. Germany, @ CMAR Festival **
25.06. Germany, @ NEW NOISE FESTIVAL **
26.06. Germany, Aachen @ AZ **
27.06. Germany, Hannover @ Stumpf **
28.06. Germany, Hamburg @ Rote Flora **
29.06. Germany, Kiel @ Schaubude **
30.06. Danemark, Kopenhagen@ Ungdomshuset **
01.07. Germany, Berlin @ TBA **

02.07. Germany, Leipzig @ Zoro
05.07. Hungary, Budapest @ Szabad az Á
06.07. Hungary, Szeged @ club noir
07.07. Croatia, Zagreb, @AKC
08.07. Slovenia, @ TBA
10.07. Italy, Milano @ Villa Vegan
11.07. France, Marseille @ O’bundies
12.07. France, HELP NEEDED
13.07. Spain, Barcelona, @ TBA
14.07. Spain, Madrid @ TBA
15.07. Spain, A Coruña @ TBA
16.07. Spain, Gijon @ TBA
17.07. Spain, Bilbao @ TBA
18.07. France, Bordeaux, @ TBA
19.07. France, HELP NEEDED
20.07. Germany, Göttingen @ JUZI
21.07. Germany, Chemitz, AJZ

so we will finally get the chance to see meghan without handicap on stage at FLUFF 🙂 awesome uhh?

nazis in stollberg blockieren!

da es die pissnelken überall gibt, eben auch überall die wichser blockieren…

mehr info hier:

glasses @ bandcamp online

our music for free here:!

but now watch the grace of a cool band!

new merch arrived

we have some new shirtdesigns in stock. the „banshee“ shirts are almots gone – now available the „yu-on“ design and still some „rhino“ shirts. if we find some money we will have some new designs soon…we are broke 😉

the webshop is back until…

…we find something new. find the webshop here:

but note that it is much easier for us, if you try to buy things via our merchwars section on this site. hugs…..